Powering Google Cloud Skills at Scale

April 8, 2020 Ingram Micro

Pluralsight has partnered with Google Cloud to accelerate your teams’ path to Google Cloud Platform proficiency with a holistic skills strategy evaluation and content authored by Google Cloud.

Create Clarity and Alignment for Your Teams

  • Professional Services: Execute to your strategy with a skills inventory, skill development plans and content mapping aligned to your Google Cloud strategy, team goals and projects.
  • Channels: Combine sections of different Google Cloud and cloud-adjacent courses or paths to create a custom skill development plan aligned to your goals. 

Move Faster and Build New Skills Efficiently

  • Hands-on labs: Practice with hands-on experiences through Pluralsight labs/Qwiklabs that use real-world use cases, data sets, and gamified learning challenges.
  • Paths: Build on your proficiency by knowing which courses to watch in which order.
  • Q&A: Leverage your organization’s own subject matter experts to share knowledge and answer questions quickly.

Deliver on Your Key Objectives 

  • Advanced skills analytics: Individual, team and topic-level skill insights help you find opportunities for growth.
  • Advanced channels analytics: Measure progress towards business objectives by ensuring employees are completing assigned content and courses.

Empower your team with Google Cloud roles, skill assessments, and certification paths: 

Role IQ: Cloud Architect & Data Engineer

Skill IQ:

  • Performing Foundational Tasks in GCP
  • Building GCP Infrastructures on Google Compute Engine
  • Building GCP Infrastructures on GKE
  • Gathering and Analyzing Big Data on GCP
  • Running Data Processing and ETL Workloads on GCP

Performing Smart Analytics and AI on GCP Certification paths:

  • Cloud Engineer - Associate (ACE)
  • Cloud Architect - Professional (PCA)

Data Engineer - Professional (PDE) Practice skills with labs:  250+ embedded labs powered by Qwiklabs 

Coming soon: 400+ self-paced labs powered by Qwiklabs

Build all the skills your organization needs to effectively execute your Google Cloud strategy.

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