Let’s Talk Shop in Calgary (June 5, 2018)

May 30, 2018 Ingram Micro

Evolution. Microservices. Machine Learning. AI. IoT. These are just some of the trends, and trend words you’ll be hearing in 2018.

Predictions in IT, particularly around the SMB sector, appear to emphasis on the shift in IT spend to security; specifically, security detection and response. The term Cloud could be replaced by ‘microservices.’ Marketing will have to take a personalized stance. Artificial Intelligence is going to be integrated into marketing and SMBs are going to have to jump on the Facebook bandwagon as the social media game is getting a lot more competitive. On the technology front; the three occurring themes are: Internet of Things, Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence.

For SMB sectors, it is necessary to understand and relate to the needs of the community. It is this community awareness, sharing and understanding that increases selling opportunities.

Millennials are the driving point of sales these days.  The generation of ‘connected-ness’ is going to get even more connected with the Internet of Things device capabilities increasing and the plausibility of interactive Artificial Intelligence becomes a ‘today’ reality. We are living in an era of change, technology and automation.  So…………. Let’s Talk Shop.  Where does this leave you? How do you sell? What do you sell?

Join our SMB Alliance Talking Shop workshops happening across Canada. Calgary will be hosting “Talking Shop” workshop on June 5th  from 11-5pm at the Calgary Airport Marriott Hotel. These sessions will put you in front of leading experts in the industry such as Dell EMC and Microsoft, as well as 16 other expert vendors, sharing innovative ways to grow and transform your business in our ever-changing environment. Not only will you be a part of presentations relaying emerging trends and opportunities, but you can participate in focus group discussions to win $100 gift cards.  This informal environment gives you the opportunity to mix and mingle with colleagues and vendors and have a drink on us!

As we sail into early 2018; are you aware of what the trends are occurring in the SMB space? Let’s talk shop!

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