Keeping Business Moving: Use Adobe Sign for a Better Work From Home Experience

September 17, 2020 Ingram Micro

Adobe’s lineup of products and solutions has influenced companies to explore more areas of imagination and innovation. With productivity tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Experience Cloud, it’s clear to see why creativity is in Adobe’s DNA.

Adobe Sign Integration

Adobe’s Document Cloud Solutions makes it simpler and easier to create, edit, share, scan, and sign digital documents efficiently. The latest member of this ensemble is Adobe Sign. In addition to giving users the flexibility to sign documents from virtually anywhere, Adobe Sign allows them to do so quickly, giving them time back to perform other needed tasks. This global tool has witnessed over 8 billion transactions and is trusted by millions of companies worldwide.  

Not only does Adobe Sign work effectively with Adobe Acrobat DC, but it also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 products such as Word. Other product integration includes Workbox, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Get the versatility of Adobe Sign to send, sign, track, and file documents directly from your teams’ accounts.

Adobe Sign Lets You Maximize Your Time

Time seems to be a rare commodity, particularly when you are trying to be on top of your game. Whether you are closing that important deal, hiring your latest candidate, or making a critical purchase choice, Adobe Sign can help you make the most out of your time. Manual approvals and paper signature can impede approval processes. With Adobe Sign in the VIP (Value Incentive Plan), you get a simplified solution so you can:

  • Accelerate transactions across your business by digitizing document approval workflows
  • Send documents for legal e-signatures with a few clicks
  • Sign documents from anywhere via a browser, tablet, or phone. Plus, track the status online, in real-time

To learn more about Adobe Sign and other Adobe products and solutions, contact your Ingram Micro sales rep or Ian Herman, Adobe Channel Account Specialist at 905-755-5000, ext. 56061.

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