How to Increase Retention and Active Learning in Every Classroom

June 12, 2018 Ingram Micro

The timeless idiom “knowledge is power” is timeless for a reason. A powerful education system is one of the most instrumental factors in cultivating a high-functioning society. This is why it is essential for students and teachers alike to be provided the tools necessary to learn and teach effectively and efficiently.

Unfortunately, the current state of classrooms is limited by outdated technology. With 57% of students in the average-sized classroom unable to decipher content on a standard 70” flat panel display, educational experiences are being negatively impacted.

The arrival of Optoma projection technology on the market has changed all of that. Supported by Optoma, teachers can increase retention and active learning in their classroom in the following ways:

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Advancements in the realm of projectors – specifically the Optoma ultra short throw projector – have the power to fill a 100” screen from inches away!

The closer distance to the screen helps to prevent shadows while also producing vibrant images, leading to a visually engaging experience that inspires student participation.

Fewer Distractions

It’s hard enough for students to focus on a lesson plan without the distraction of noisy ancient projection equipment drowning the teacher’s voice out.

Forget that noise (literally) by upgrading to the compact and easy-to-install Optoma ultra short throw projectors. They’re so quiet – you’ll question whether it’s even on – that classroom debate and discussion can flow freely without interruption.

Optoma’s Education First Program

Optoma is passionate about providing educational solutions that make a lasting impact upon students. With Optoma’s Education First program, available to all K-12 schools and higher education institutions, schools receive increased pricing discounts, enhanced technical support, educational exclusives, and extended product warranties.

With this initiative, Optoma aims to assist schools in maximizing their budgets while incorporating the finest projection technology into their classrooms so that they can provide the ultimate educational solutions for eager students.

Why Optoma?

Featuring best-selling projectors that harness the power of high-brightness, extensive connectivity, and enhanced operational lifespan, Optoma helps facilitate learning across the board.

The #1 DLP projector supplier and leading ultra short throw brand in the 1080 category in the Americas, Optoma also offers:

  • A cost savings of 94% compared to competitors
  • 20,000+ hours of 24/7 operation with Optoma laser projectors
  • Lower cost of ownership with zero lamps or filters to change on Optoma laser projectors
  • Ultra-bright images up to 12,000 lumens
  • TouchBeam finger touch interactive technology on select models

If you’re interested in becoming an Optoma reseller, Optoma offers a lucrative rewards program that allows you to:

  • Earn up to $150 CAD per unit sold in SPIFS
  • Access the latest Optoma news, programs, and promotions
  • Earn cash by taking quizzes
  • Master online trainings
  • Review real-time payment status of claims

Educators – you can join forces with Optoma to enhance your classroom experience and cut costs.

Order one of Optoma’s ultra short throw projectors today to up the ante in every classroom and lay the foundation for students to thrive!

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