Five Features Of Adobe Acrobat

November 11, 2017 Ingram Micro

Adobe Acrobat

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If you’re looking for a program that offers solid security with no risks, Adobe has the scratch for your itch. Adobe Acrobat has many features but these five are what make it the ideal program for your business whether you are a Mac or PC person, are on the go (mobile) or a work from home type (desktop).

  1. Up-to-date software: With any outside program, you want to work with updated software. With Adobe Acrobat, you are able to access the latest features and updates the moment they become available. You can also collaborate freely with others on current workflows because Adobe harmoniously integrates with existing programs like Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office. Additionally, new and enhanced product features are released quarterly giving you the edge.
  2. User management: Deploying apps and updates is simple because Adobe gives you the option of letting users self-install or you can do it for them from the easy-to-use Admin platform. The web-based dashboard is set up to allow you to add, assign and reassign seats, and track licenses anytime by delivering secure remote access to the program. Furthermore, you can manage users and set up various admin roles with Adobe ID, Enterprise ID and Federated ID (SSO).
  3. Premium PDF Services: Using your desktop, smartphone or tablet you can create PDF files that can be converted into editable Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. In addition to these superior editing tools, Adobe’s premium PDF services allow you to merge files into one manageable file you can easily organize, send and use across multiple devices, track responses and e-signatures in real-time and request multiple signatures from all document users at the same time .
  4. Secure and Reliable Workflows: Adobe Acrobat lets users work from any device knowing that their data is secure. You also receive access to 20GB of Adobe Document Cloud storage and you can integrate and manage mobile apps securely. Data is securely encrypted whether your asset is being worked on or at rest.
  5. Advanced tech support: With one on one sessions and 24/7 technical support, Adobe Acrobat ensures you get the most out of the software. Furthermore, you get the benefit of security patches and bug fixes as they happen.

Adobe Acrobat ensures solid security instead of risk. With comprehensive administration and support and full standards compliance,we’re sure that this platform will help your business if you are seeking a better way to deploy, manage and budget for software. Buy yours now or contact Ian Herman, Channel Account Specialist at Ingram Micro for Adobe at:

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