ConnectWise PSA Solution Provides Scale, Visibility & Efficiency

August 27, 2020 Ingram Micro

Choosing the Right PSA Solution

Are you a professional services firm looking to scale and grow your business faster? A professional services automation solution (PSA) from ConnectWise can help you improve your performance and profitability with its business tools that help you work at an optimal level to attain organizational goals. A PSA enables you to run your service-led organization by providing an end-to-end solution. With a PSA, you can automate routine workflows and connect all functions of your business.

There are a host of benefits that you can achieve with a PSA for your help desk, managed services agreements, billing, sales and marketing, procurement, time-tracking, project management, and reporting and analytics. Giving you full visibility into every facet of your business, a PSA can become the single source of all your information as it connects all of your business-critical applications and automates central business processes.

If you’re still not sure if a PSA is right for you, here are some great reasons why you should consider this solution.

End Silos of Chaos® 

Remove the inefficiencies that come with working in disparate systems, which leads to an error-prone environment that can set you back a whopping 25% of your revenue! Having a PSA will allow you to connect everything in your business and eliminate the chaos.

Improve Team Communication 

Using ConnectWise Manage®  will keep your team members informed as it creates a single flow of information from start to finish.

Maximize Utilization 

Get visibility into your most valuable resources  — labour – with ConnectWise Manage. Ensure resources are always booked up,  busy, and billable.

Increase Revenue, Decrease Costs 

Minimize routine admin work with streamlined project/ticket status updates that decreases the cost of customer support by $247,418i.  Do more with less while increasing your recurring revenue agreements.

Get Paid Faster 

Seamlessly carry over tracked billable time, notes, products sold, and expenses into invoices for crystal-clear managed services billing, and rely on automation to get managed services invoices out the door on time, every time.

Enhance Customer Experience

Improve the lines of communication between you and your clients by giving them frequent status updates, and making it easy to submit issues, check on service requests, and pay their bills.

What to look for in a PSA

A well-built PSA solution takes an enormous amount of effort and should be given careful consideration, including the reputable providers and the best integrations. There are six things to look for when selecting your PSA:  Consider the ‘tried and true’ option. A good indication of this can be ones that have won awards.

  1. Be mindful of a PSA solution that has supported integration and joint roadmaps.
  2. Open APIs and the ability to integrate with a host of partners are the way to go. With these, you get the wiggle room you need to select the best point solutions for the services you offer.
  3. Seek to implement a PSA that can manage billing for cloud services along with the usual invoice/billing processes.
  4. Resources. Resources. Resources. You’ll need to learn a great deal about your PSA, so ensure that you get the help and training material you need for success.
  5. Look for a PSA provider that is more like a partner. A company backed by a community of users and peers is the ideal way to go to achieve success.

How to Prepare for a PSA

Implementing and adopting a PSA will take a lot of effort, but it is worth the investment. It will require overhauling broken processes and replacing them with productive ones, dedicating resources, and then applying an adoption formula. Preparing for and managing this shift is crucial to PSA adoption success. Some points to consider include getting approval from senior leadership as it will impact every functional area of the business. Additionally, you should commit the time and resources it will take to implement this change in the organization. While we always look for ways to save time and effort, you should not take shortcuts to complete the process.

We hope this guide has been useful in helping you decide to implement a PSA solution. Remember,

Many technology solution providers think they can “make it work” without investing in a PSA solution. If you were one of them, we hope this guide helped you better understand the benefits of the right PSA and how a tool like ConnectWise Manage can help your business thrive even in a complex, competitive market.

Download our PSA Checklist and contact your Ingram Micro Channel Account Specialist, Bill Capone to begin your PSA integration.





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