ConnectWise Provides Productivity Tools for Today's Remote Workforce

April 27, 2020 Ingram Micro

Although remote workers were growing at a fast rate, today’s reality means that companies need to build an even more robust home office that promotes employees’ wellbeing and keep them motivated to perform at their ideal best with optimal work environments. ConnectWise is a software company that provides tools that include ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage that offer excellent advice on how to manage your work from home employees effectively.

Here are four proven pillars from ConnectWise to help companies build superb remote office environments for today's workforce.

Land the Right Talent

For companies who are still actively hiring during this time,  and indeed those who are exclusively work from home corporations, the challenge is to build the best remote workforce for individual and organizational success. ConnectWise Manage provides a Service Board to help automate the hiring process by asking the right questions. These questions delve into the prospective employee’s background to give more insight into the candidate’s experience and to ensure the right fit. Once a list of candidates has been selected for an interview, this interview should be conducted using online face-to-face methods. A face-to-face interview allows the hiring company to read body cues and to observe the candidate in a high-pressure situation. Once a candidate is selected, the company should set clear expectations, including what the employee’s responsibilities are. Additionally, a useful step is to provide training – whether it’s to get the hired employee technical training or job shadowing with senior staff.

Align Corporate Culture

The leadership style for the remote workforce must be void of an authoritarian or micro-management style and must encourage autonomy. Mixing work with play is also useful in minimizing the home office monotony. A fun activity on Fridays can help to create meaningful bonds, which further improves productivity. An essential aspect of effective leadership is assisting employees in feeling appreciated. Complementing or recognizing employees for their work contributes to strengthening employee morale.

Develop an Effective Communications Strategy

Employee connection through continuous communication strengthens employee performance. This connection can include daily check-ins such as scrums and internal chats. ConnectWise Control can help to facilitate remote meetings, use video or chat capabilities. Moreover, companies should implement reporting processes as a means of measuring performance. This tactic helps to fuel productivity and precision. ConnectWise Manage can track workflows and capture billable hours. Encourage employees to get in the habit of documenting and communicating their work to develop a smoother workflow.

Invest in Efficient Technology

The work from home workforce should have the best tools at their disposal. Management should provide user-friendly resources, such as those from ConnectWise, that will help employees to do their jobs optimally. ConnectWise tools include ConnectWise Manage to error-proof ticketing functionalities, ConnectWise Chat for quick response to service requests, ConnectWise Control to allow remote technicians to problem solve faster, and ConnectWise Automate to gain better visibility into managed devices.

The success of a remote workforce, while challenging, can produce high results if aptly managed. Our suggested list to select the right talent, align with corporate culture, develop effective communications techniques and invest in best-of-breed technology, such as tools offered by ConnectWise, can help to achieve a top-notch workforce.

To find out more about ConnectWise contact your Ingram Micro Sales Representative, or Devank Gupta at or 647-523-2729.

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