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November 13, 2019

Pluralsight helps AWS government customers develop the skills necessary to build sophisticated applications with more flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Keep up with a constantly evolving platform

AWS is the most widely-used cloud platform in the world, and it’s powering innovation at many government agencies. It’s also constantly changing, evolving and improving, which means you can’t simply “learn AWS” and be done with it. AWS is a journey that requires continuous upskilling by you and your team. 

Pluralsight can help you remain as proficient and effective as possible in the AWS cloud. 
To measure your readiness for cloud transformation, ask yourself the following:

  • How prepared are your cloud architects to design applications and systems on AWS?  Do they understand how to apply best practices and design patterns to architect optimal IT solutions?
  • Who in your organization can build cloud applications on AWS? How will you enable them to keep their development, deployment and debugging skills current? 
  • What skill gaps exist on your teams that will prevent your organization from creating and maintaining secure, automatable and repeatable deployments of applications, networks and systems on the AWS platform?

Empower your teams with AWS Role IQs:

Available today:
•   Cloud Architect
•   Developer
•   Operations Engineer (Systems Administrators) 
Coming soon:
•   Machine Learning/AI Developer
•   Database Administrator
•   Network Engineer

Develop Key Skills Across:
•   AWS Identity & Access Management             •   AWS Media Services  
•   AWS Machine Learning                                          •   AWS Identity & Access Management             
•   AWS Scalability                                                           •   AWS Databases
•   AWS Big  Data                                                             •   Architecting on AWS
•   AWS Cloud Security                                                •   AWS Operations          
•   AWS Networking                                                      •   AWS Storage
•   AWS Compute                                                            •   AWS Application Development

Build your future on AWS with Pluralsight! 

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