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December 17, 2020 Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro Virtual Events

Events have gone digital! This is unlikely to change any time soon. According many surveys in the events industry almost 70% of respondents said they won’t be attending in-person events, at least throughout the first half of 2021. 

We have outlined 2 of the most common requested styles below. However, events are always custom so this represents a “basic recipe” for a virtual event. Please work with your Marketing Account Manager and the Events team to select the best option for your objective.   


Virtual Workshop 

Virtual Event Campaign


  • Discussion-focused and interactive event design
  • Targeted and relevant reseller audience based on workshop subject; 50-70 attendees  attendees is recommended 
  • Time: recommended 1 – 1 ½ hours unless specific elements required  



  • Consultation with Events team  
  • Event script/run of show document 
  • Up to 2 rehearsal sessions  
  • Audience engagement tools  
    (i.e., polling, Q&A, virtual games, surveys, etc.) 
  • 1x Custom email creation   
  • Up to 3 Email deployments 
  • 1x post-event follow-up email with recording of main session 
  • 2x social post on 4 platforms (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Smarp)  
  • 1x optional event landing page via Cvent 


Optional (Additional Cost): 

  • Prize purchase and logistics*  
    (e-gifts only) 
  • Digital recruitment via InMail or other targeted ads to generate awareness and engagement through clicks and impressions* 



  • Presentation and/or interactive event design with other additional elements   
  • Targeted and relevant reseller audience based on event objective; larger audiences can be accommodated; 100+
  • Time: full day event maximum 



  • Consultation with Events team 
  • Event script/run of show document  
  • Up to 3 rehearsal sessions  
  • 1x optional event landing page via Cvent 
  • Pre-Event Campaign: 2x custom email creation, up to 3x email deployments, 2x SoMe posts on 4 platforms (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Smarp) 
  • Post-Event Campaign: x2 follow up communications, x2 SoMe posts on 4 platforms (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Smarp) 
  • On-demand event recording hosted on Uberflip for 2 months; reporting on engagement provided 
  • Post–event debrief and review meeting 
  • Prize purchase and logistics - $400+ value (e-gifts only) 


Optional (Additional Cost): 

  • Media kit / Studio use*  
  • Paid video ad (extra lead time?)  
  • Production team* 
  • Hired speaker/ Moderator* 
  • Influencer Marketing* 
  • Entertainment*  
  • Physical prizing or gifts (shipped)*  
  • Meal vouchers*  
  • Additional digital marketing offerings 
  • Recruitment via LinkedIn InMail or other targeted ads to generate awareness and engagement through clicks and impressions* 


Lead time before invite: 2 weeks 

Lead time before event: 6 weeks 

Lead time before invite goes out: 3 weeks 

Lead time before event: 2 months  

$5,500 +

Starting Cost: $7,000+ 
(pricing varies based on request) 

Virtual Events – Optional Components Cost Estimates 

Event Add-On's 

Minimum Cost Estimate 

Media Kit/Studio Use 

$2,000 + 

*Production Team (for complex event design) 

$5,000 + 

Hired Speaker/Moderator (cost dependent on speaker credentials) 

$2,000 - $10,000 + 


$2,000 + 

Physical Prizing  (based on quality and quantity of items, shipping costs, custom branding, etc. COVID-19 restrictions apply.)

$50 + per person 

Meal e-Vouchers  

$15-25 per person, per meal 

Paid Social Media Advertisement 



Virtual Event Examples

Virtual Day Workshop

  • Technical trainings or certifications with partners 
  • Partner consultation  
  • Dedicated group of partner (or shorten time frame)
  • Example Event Agenda: 
  • AM and/or PM sessions with a lunch break in between 
  • Main session with 1 hired speaker or small vendor presentation(s)  
  • Several breakout sessions to discuss topics in smaller groups or network  
  • Happy hour with games to finish off with fun and networking  

Fireside Chat Vendor Panel Event 

  • Industry expert speaker/presenter, hired host or expert, panel moderator, etc.  
  • Conference-style – multiple presenters/speakers, sessions 
  • Enhanced registration experience (i.e., session choice, large agenda) 
  • Trade booths or targeted networking experiences 
  • Post-event campaign – attendees targeted with exclusive offers/promotions/future invites to capture leads 
  • Example Event Agenda: 
  • Main Stage and Keynote session with hired speakers, high-level vendor representation 
  • Pre-recorded messages or ads, pop-up content 
  • Several breakout sessions – content-specific, presentation-style to larger groups 
  • Incentive prizing to close the event 

Workshop with target audience based on solution  

  • Themed event with fun add ons
  • Networking was the event objective 
  • Prizing offered for attending, participating in themed games/activities, and filling out the post-event survey 
  • Event Agenda: 
  • Keynote speaker session  
  • Keynote speaker and sponsoring vendors interview 
  • Speed dating breakout sessions – 10 minutes per vendor  
  • Prizing and event wrap-up 
  • Extremely successful, with 50%+ attendance rate and an average event rating of 9/10 

   Virtual events are worth embracing and come with their own benefits, such as less travel expenses and time, more lead tracking, and a broader reach of attendees. It’s important to note that virtual events should not be considered the same as in-person events and they require some creative thinking. 

Quick Best Practices 

  • Start with the event blueprint  of WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW. Every choice from there should link directly back to that blueprint.
  • Have a clear and defined CTA tied into the campaign. Match it with appropriate incentives and/or activities at the event.
  • Rehearsal! – essential to a smooth running virtual event- ensure all support teams know who is responsible for which elements.
  • Leverage speakers: with the ability to schedule your top choice of speaker (without the hassle of travel and accommodation) be sure to pick the right fit whether it be a technical advisor, product specialist or leadership. Who is the most comfortable and engaging – have them lead the event.
  • On-demand content is just as important as live content in the virtual event world. Your event should be advertised across multiple media platforms to ensure that lead capture can continue even after the live event is over. For the best success in hosting virtual events and workshops, we suggest placing equal focus on pre- and post-event campaigns. 

Looking forward to working with you in 2021 to help make your events as successful as possible! Connect with your Marketing Account Manager, as well as Elizabeth Clifford at if you have any questions about any event process or best practices.

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