President's Club

January 6, 2021 Ingram Micro

President’s Club is Ingram Micro’s premier sales development and incentive program. Through year-long sales incentives, the program motivates sales associates to sell participating vendor’s products and solutions.  Sponsoring vendors participate in several activities throughout the year to engage with sales associates and promote their products. 

PRESIDENT’S CLUB | Sponsorship:  $57,500 / Additional Winner $20,000



PClub Kickoff Executive Virtual Evening

President’s Club sponsoring vendors and their executive are invited to attend a virtual evening with the Ingram Micro Senior Leadership team to network, socialize and build key executive relationships.

President’s Club Sales Kick-off

President’s Club kicks off with a virtual luncheon event with the Ingram sales team announcing the 2021 sponsoring vendors. The vendors are invited to review details of their specific custom criteria. Lunch e-gift cards will be provded to the sales associates prior to the virtual event.


Vendor Criteria


Sponsoring vendor submits vendor specific criteria at the start of the year based on yearly objectives, goals, and targets. The criteria will be announced and promoted at the virtual sales kickoff. The criteria will also be posted to the Ingram Micro President’s Club portal for easy access to sales associates. Throughout the year associates are reminded via email to review criteria to ensure they are on track.

Monthly Vendor Specific Reporting

Each month commencing in April | May timeframe, the sponsoring vendor’s will receive specific sales associate standing reports for the month prior based on each of the vendors’ criteria.  (Note: Blackout for December reporting)

Sales Leadership Meeting

Sponsoring vendors are invited to meet with specific sales leadership members to discuss overall strategy, targets and expectations for the year. (30 minute timeslot)

To be held mid year or 3Q21.

Virtual Focus Month

Exclusive vendor focus month communicated through email communication and President’s Club portal. The activites include a virtual sales huddle or roundtable with selected sales associates; (25 minutes). Prizes awarded at the end of the huddle.  Priority booking on sales trainings. Vendors are invited to submit promotions that will be posted to the President’s Club portal and via email communication.

Internal Promotion

To heighten awareness of the program, sponsoring vendors will be highlighted through a number of avenues; exclusive digital signage, Champ Site banner, and Sales Spotlight banner that will provie a link to the President Club portal providing access to vendor promotions, criteria and monthly reporting.




Mid-year Sales Associate Celebration

Virtual sales associate celebration event to maintain mindshare of the program with the sales team. Celebration includes draws for gift cards and giveaways.

Ingram Associate Event

Annual associate event highlighting President’s Club participating vendor sponsorship. As a valued sponsor of the President’s Club, Ingram invites you to participate in the event as our guest.

Sales Leader Board via President’s Club portal

Sales standings will be communicated via email to all Ingram sale associates and posted to Ingram Connect President’s Club portal.

Awards Gala Event

Formal evening with Ingram senior leadership team, sales managers, sales associates and sponsoring vendors at the 2021 President’s Club gala event where the President’s Club winners will be announced. Each sponsoring vendor will be invited to provide a prerecord message announcing the winner. Vendor will be invited tot he stage to present to the award winner. (Event to be held January/February 2022 timeframe)

Sales Award Trip

Sponsoring vendors and their guests are invited to join the Ingram Micro Senior Leadership team, award winners and their guests for an exclusive trip in the April 2022 timeframe.  Destination location to be announced at the 2021 Award Ceremony event.

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