Demand Generation in 2021

December 16, 2020 Ingram Micro

Get Intelligent Insights with our 2021 BI Program

With Ingram Micro’s Business Intelligence program, choose between a variety of Go-to-market strategies each designed to enhance your marketing outreach and enable greater return on investment.   


Data-Driven Demand Generation

Go-to-market strategies:

1. Growth Incentive Program

Assign all in-scope resellers to a segment (Declining, Steady, Growing, Winback) with a unique quarterly sales goal. Weekly communications are deployed to make resellers aware of their goals and how they’re tracking towards it. At the end of the quarter, all “achievers” are awarded a prize (i.e., credit memo, raffle, etc.).


Benefits of the Growth Incentive Program

+ Reward loyal partners

+ Win back dormant accounts

+ Course correct decliners

Click here for more information on the Growth Incentive Program

2. Attach Program

Target all resellers with open quotes or recent transactions that contain complementary products to your own with dynamic periodic emails suggesting your product as a cross-sell opportunity.



Benefits of the Attach Program

+ Target all potential cross-sell opportunities

+ Provides timely recommendation

+ Flexible and scalable

Click here for more information on the Attach Program

3. Reseller Demand-Generation

Choose between a variety of sub-program offerings each designed to enable resellers with propensity end-user prospects.

i. Reseller Demand Gen: Deliver opportunity lists who have the propensity to purchase your target product(s).

ii. Refresh - Upgrade outdated solutions within the Reseller’s current end-user base.

iii. Level UP - Recruit new partners and/or help them level up into your partner program.

iv. Renewal - Streamline the reseller renewal process with dynamic marketing automation.





Click here for more information on the Reseller Demand Gen Program. 

4. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

​Tap into the world’s largest IT distributor’s transactional database to identify opportunities at the reseller and/or end-user level to accelerate key sales and marketing activities.



Benefits of the DaaS Program 

+ Fully customizable

+ Utilize a robust combination of analytics, data science, and market research

+ Produce tangible, actionable insights and target lists to drive sales and marketing  activities

Click here for more information on the DaaS Program. 


Contact information: Damir Dolcic | BI Consultant |

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