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November 16, 2017 Ingram Micro


In today’s ultra-competitive restaurant industry, retaining loyal clientele and earning repeat customers can make or break an establishment. Much more effective than putting all your effort into attracting NEW customers, repeat clients account for roughly 68% of sales. So how do you keep your patrons coming back for more? Naturally, quality food, innovative cocktails, and stellar service are factors but a key strategy for success that is often overlooked is WiFi marketing.

WiFi marketing is a way to target your customers by collecting information in order to tailor your approach to them. This strengthens their bond to your brand all by utilizing your in-house WiFi. This is where Ingram comes in, and partnering with Aislelabs Connect Platform makes integration with your existing infrastructure seamless to ensure an easy to use and dependable marketing tool.

How does Aislelabs Connect Work?

Upon accessing your WiFi network, customers will be prompted for their social media information to connect to the internet. Once completed, their data will be stored for your future marketing use. Facebook, for instance, will provide demographics and contact information for each user allowing you to automatically build your custom marketing campaign around this information.

Know Your Customers

Take the guesswork out of the equation with WiFi marketing! With the information gathered about your customers you now have the building blocks to develop a marketing strategy to appeal to those targeted demographics.

How to Use This information

You will be able to contact certain customers with messages crafted specifically for them depending on their demographic. Additionally, you will be able to run multi-channel campaigns across both social media and email.

How Aislelabs Can Help You

Aislelabs Connect will keep you in the loop – you’ll be able to track messages that are opened, links that have been clicked, and even exactly how many of those customers have returned to the store. This is unprecedented in the WiFi marketing industry and will give your restaurant a leg up on your competition.

Other Great Features

There is a multitude of features that you can utilize with Aislelabs Connect, including automatic messages and surveys sent to customers after their first time visiting or even following up days later to re-entice them to return. Plus, the software makes it a breeze for restaurant owners to cross-promote other properties whether it’s another location or their other businesses.

If your goal is to grow your business, WiFi marketing is essential as it allows you to market directly to your customers like never before and track your profitable return on investment by using the numbers generated by the software. Aislelabs Connect will provide in-depth understanding of who your returning patrons are so you can hyper-target their wants and needs in a campaign.

Luckily for you, the team at Ingram has partnered with Aislelabs to offer a free trial of Aislelabs’ Connect WiFi marketing platform available by clicking the link. This software-based solution will be able to plug and play into your existing WiFi network, simplifying the set-up process.

To learn more about WiFi marketing or the other Internet of Things that Ingram is up to, check out the live stream of our digital transformation event yesterday, or reach out to Samir Shukla, IoT Channel Account Executive, at to learn more about Aislelabs.

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