Top 4 Cybersecurity Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

November 23, 2018 Ingram Micro

It’s that time of the year. Some of us look back, and some of us prefer to look ahead. When you choose to look forward and stay on top of Cyber Security, you’re bound to find zillion listicles vying for your attention. So, we did some work for you. We spoke to our experts, studied trends to identify the top 4 cybersecurity trends, so this list you just can’t ignore in 2019. These trends focus on talking points our partner network will want to include in client conversations next year.

1)    Cloud Security -As data continue to be deployed from all different part of organizations we need to – not throw caution to the wind – when it comes to securing our data. Despite the continual publicity around repeated breaches, organizations have not enforced good housekeeping practices or standards.  This needs to change and security need to be enforced across the whole data estate in the cloud.

2)    A shift in Attack Vectors - The ongoing transformation of attack vectors, from the network to the user, is causing a reappraisal of how to manage security,” according to Kilpatrick Townsend. “Driven partly by the shift in boardroom awareness, and partly by GDPR, many organizations are recognizing, perhaps belatedly, that their users are their weakest link.”  It appears that more cybersecurity awareness training is required for staff, not only to combat insider threats from a malicious ex and current staff but primarily to educate and inform staff of ongoing threats.

3)    IoT disruption - Attacks on consumer IoT devices are prevalent, but the possibility of disruption in manufacturing and similar industries makes the risk even more severe. Spectre and Meltdown – hardware vulnerabilities which are present in almost all computers and mobile devices -  have given attackers a way to target hardware vulnerabilities…and cloud infrastructure may be next. Due to the extreme convenience tallied together with the benefits that IoT delivers, this technology is being increasingly deployed by many organizations, without bearing in mind the potential security risks and consequences unsecured ‘connectedness’ bring with it. Without proper standards in place, IoT device usage has been continually increasing and will continue to be deployed, creating insecurities in areas that were previously secure. Experts have confirmed that the Internet of Things is still a weak point and will continue to be a matter of vulnerability for exploitation in 2019. Devices being manufactured without any proper configuration aren’t helping matters, as they usually depend on a single point of entry, a password.  Which brings about the also increased expectation of stolen data for 2019.

4)    Increase in popularity of Cyber Risk Insurance - The 2019 insurance industry coverage is expected to continue forming a platform where losses experienced in the cyber world will be covered. The industry is expected to introduce products able to address the cyber needs of clients. The number of cyber insurance policyholders is likely to increase in these hackable times.

The one trend we’ve seen featured on every trending list is the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. If there happens to be any field where an increased rate of personnel shortage is expected, one would think it would be in information technology. This has been a major problem for companies in the field, as many brands must rely on virtual CISOs and third-party Cybersecurity services.

Facing any of these problems and don’t know how to solve them? Contact Ingram Micro Professional Services to see how our assessments, training and services can help lead to a better – and safer 2019. Contact -

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