How to Connect Your Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Subscriptions With ConnectWise Manage

July 17, 2020 Ingram Micro

For partners who purchase and resell products from both Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and third-party vendors or other distributors, streamlining service delivery can be a challenge. Many partners use the business management solution ConnectWise Manage to track their accounts, agreements, procurement and more. In the past, this required the user to manually add customer orders from Marketplace to ConnectWise Manage, which is a time-consuming and error-prone process.  

ConnectWise Integration Saves Time

With ConnectWise Integration, you can synchronize Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace with ConnectWise Manage so you can easily track all the products your end customers purchase from you, whether from Marketplace or third-party vendors. Having this level of connectivity frees up time that the team can spend remedying any disconnect between Marketplace and your ConnectWise Manage system. 

“Our engineers have worked together with Ingram Micro Cloud to offer this integration, which will save channel partners countless hours of administrative work,” said Travis Vigneau, Director of Solution Partner Strategy for ConnectWise. “By linking ConnectWise Manage directly with Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, partners will have access to more simplification, more standardization and more automation at every step of the distribution process.”

Use ConnectWise Integration to see all of your subscriptions in one place, from Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace to third-party vendors. Integrating Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace with your ConnectWise Manage system helps you streamline your ability to cross-sell and upsell new solutions from Marketplace to your end customers and keep it all running smoothly. 

After you’ve connected your Marketplace account with ConnectWise, you can synchronize your orders from Cloud Marketplace to manage them directly in ConnectWise. Updating your customer account data is easier than ever, and now you can divert resources to other critical tasks. In turn, you can reduce your team’s administrative duties and refocus their efforts to driving scalable growth and increasing global reach by driving more sales of cloud services. 

ConnectWise Integration Features

Synchronization between Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and ConnectWise Manage works with the following: 

  • New subscriptions 
  • Existing subscriptions 
  • Usage-based services 

It’s time to take the next step towards integration 

Click here to learn more about ConnectWise integration.

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