3 Reasons You Need a Universal Docking Station

August 31, 2018 Ingram Micro

Universal docking stations are essential for all businesses looking to increase productivity, convenience and compatibility.  A docking station turns the USB port of your computer into a connector for all your peripherals including multiple displays, printers and gigabit ethernet and can provide ultrafast data transfers between your computer and accessories. Docking stations provide an easy solution for IT administrators to standardize connectivity in your organization as they can be used with the latest laptops, Ultrabooks, MacBooks or Windows tablets. As if that wasn’t enough, Universal Docking Stations are super lightweight and come in portable sizes meaning you can bring it with you from room to room and plug it in with ease.

Here are three reasons why your organization needs a universal docking station:


A universal docking station increases productivity because it offers extra ports and features that enhance the functionality of your device. Since thinner laptops with fewer ports are becoming the norm, a universal docking station is increasingly necessary. The device really helps you turn your laptop into a full-size modern workstation.


Universal docking stations increase convenience by giving you the ability to move to various workstations and still allow your device to connect where you need it to. Companies that want to create a flexible workspace by encouraging employees to collaborate and work where they feel they will be the most productive should invest in a universal docking station. The device turns any laptop or tablet into a fully functional workstation with lightweight portability. The universal docking station is a must have for any remote or on-the-go worker.


Universal docking stations increase compatibility by allowing employees to work on whatever brand of laptop or tablet they prefer. With a universal docking station, employees will still be able to connect to the workstations or docks the company provides regardless of what device they own. Modern workplaces are evolving into BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments so allowing for technology variety is very important. According to a Gensler workplace study, providing employees with choice positively impacts their individual levels of innovation, performance and job satisfaction.

If you’re looking to increase productivity, convenience, compatibility and your employees’ levels of innovation, performance and job satisfaction, a universal docking station is the way to go. StarTech.com offers a wide selection of universal docks to help turn any of your employees’ devices, no matter what brand or operating system, into the ideal workstation solution. Whatever your needs are, StarTech.com has the perfect docking station for you.

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