The Scheduling Challenge

October 12, 2018 Ingram Micro

If you can’t keep up with technology, technology will keep up for you.  Experts have predicted that in over the next 5 years, the office of the future will be populated by people who will wear their technology. We aren’t talking about your fitness tracker here. We’re talking about real-time data analytics that makes your time spent in office, more efficient and effective. No surprises when Teem – the data analytics start-up-  was acquired by We Work-  the coworking space company known for leading the “office space as a service” category.   

Wouldn’t you like to build a smooth experience for visitors in your office and schedule a Conference Room from any device, anywhere and anytime? You can with Teem Visitor Management and Space Scheduling.

The Teem Visitor Management, iPad receptionist software, provides a secure, web-based interface that simplifies the check-in process for visitors.  When a visitor arrives, Teem Visitor Management presents them with relevant forms to sign (like NDAs) and notifies the person they are visiting of the guests’ arrival.  It also allows for customized badge printing. And that's only the beginning.

Manage conference rooms with ease, enable effortless employee booking, increase space visibility, understand true utilization, keep meetings on track, end the conflict over who gets which conference room, stop pointing fingers about why the technology in the room is broken or missing, optimize the use of spaces and resources — and so much more.

Teem platform sits on top of popular calendaring options and integrates with Office 365/Outlook, Google Apps and Exchange, so you can send out meeting invites and book conference rooms all in one spot.  It also integrates with wayfinding technologies to help visitors navigate through the office.

Is your customer working on a workplace transformation? Recommend leveraging Teem Workplace Experience Platform to improve performance and collaboration.

Go beyond workstation recommendations and leverage IoT implementations to influence the workplace experience. Ingram Micro Professional Services provides high-margin, high-touch, white-labelled technology solutions to support your service delivery. Contact to find out more.

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