Back To School With IRIS

August 31, 2018 Ingram Micro

It’s back to school season and we’re lucky to live in an age of digital tools and devices that make your education experience easier and, in some cases, more fun. IRIS offers several products to facilitate the least favourite tasks of students (or at least most of them): readings, note-taking and studying.

Re-typing handwritten notes and important excerpts from textbooks are a thing of the past with the IRIS digital pens that can digitize your notes. IRIS also has a multitude of products with various features like the ability to scan all of your documents and convert them instantly into files that can be edited using Microsoft Word or Excel. They can turn any book or textbook into an e-book with a text-to-speech feature so you can listen to the readings on your way to and from class. Read on for more information about some of these individual products.

IRIScan Book 5

This is the world’s fastest book scanner with one-second scan per document. It is a portable, high-resolution colour scanner that scans book pages or letter & A4 documents. All you need to do is roll the device over the pages or documents and it will be automatically added to the MicroSD in your IRIScan Book 5 which can then be transferred onto your computer, whether it’s a PC or a MAC. IRIS’ conversation software, Readiris, which is provided will then turn the scan into an editable document once the MicroSD has been plugged in.

IRISNotes 3

This handy device stores anything you write by hand – including a graph or mathematical equation – and transforms it into editable text on your PC. The handwritten text can be edited using Word, Outlook and Notepad. The IRISNotes Air 3 can transfer files using Bluetooth to your Android or iOS mobile device and can help save your notes or e-mail them later on. You can draw or scribble on images taken with your smartphone using this device.

IRIScan Mouse Wifi

This is the wireless version of the famous IRIS mouse scanner. When you click on the scan button you can swipe on any paper document in any direction to have lines of text and even images appear on your computer screen via convenient Wi-fi transmission. You can then drag and drop these words and photos and modify them using any application like PhotoShop or Word. They can also be uploaded to the Cloud with a single click.

To breeze through the upcoming school year and more fun at the same time, use these IRIS devices and more. Contact your Ingram Micro sales representative to go back to school with IRIS. For more information on IRIS, check out this PDF. Never re-type notes or long passages again!

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