12 Ways to Earn and Profit with Veeam

August 31, 2018 Ingram Micro

As a global leader in Intelligent Data Management, it makes sense that Veeam would collaborate with Ingram Micro – a global leader in technology and supply chain services – to develop a structured program to enable your company to boost sales, retain customers, earn incentives and more.

Here are 12 ways you can maximize your profit with Veeam:

1. Veeam ProPartner Program

This program helps you grow your business and maximize profits by providing your employees with exclusive resources that will drive both license and service business, create new opportunities, and help your sales team close deals. Familiarize yourself with the program with the Veeam ProPartner Program Guide for Resellers and Hybrid Partners.

2. Veeam Cloud & Service Provider Program (VCSP)

The VCSP provides a combination deal with pricing, packaging and licensing for your business to start collaborating with Veeam. Learn more about the requirements to join and the benefits here.

3. Veeam Accredited Service Partner (VASP)

The VASP program adds businesses to an exclusive list with partners, system integrators and IT consultants. To be accredited, a business must have the highest Veeam solution expertise as decided by Veeam. To learn more about the accreditation process, here are some useful documents. 

4. Become a Veeam expert
Join Veeam University to become a certified expert on the program today! Earn money faster by increasing your revenue and increasing your knowledge of Veeam.

5. Veeam Deal Registration
If you’re a certified reseller ProPartner, you are eligible to receive financial incentives for value-selling and leading with Veeam products. If your business actively promotes the program’s solutions, read the deal registration rules. 

6. Alliance Attach
Qualifying resellers can earn incremental Deal Registration benefits when eligible Alliance technologies are sold in conjunction with Veeam solutions through this special program.

7. Veeam Marketing Center
Within this online space, you can access a variety of marketing tools such as promotional materials and email campaign generation tools to help accelerate your business’ collaboration with Veeam. To learn more about the ProPartner Marketing Program, read the Veeam ProPartner Marketing Program Guide and start checking things off of your Partner Marketing Checklist.

8. Partner and Product Promotions If you’re a Veeam ProPartner, there is a plethora of exciting promotional opportunities for partners and products for you to take advantage of. Check them out here.

9. PartnerPerks
Veeam ProPartners can earn prizes and cash for completing tasks through the PartnerPerks program. These tasks include getting various accreditations, selling Veeam with an Alliance partner, sharing Veeam news on social media and more. Enroll now for your chance to win.

10. Support / Maintenance Contract Renewals
Sell your customers support and maintenance renewals to keep returning customers and increase revenue on previously closed deals. Learn more about customer renewals here.

11. Upselling Playbook
Learn all about upselling and cross-selling to increase profitability and retain more customers. Access this playbook here.

12. Data Availability Assessment
This assessment uses monitoring and reporting features to help Veeam sales and businesses identify how customers can maximize efficiency, minimize risk and improve the security of their online environment. The best part is that it is totally free!

Are you ready to start increasing your income in several ways with Veeam and Ingram Micro? We can show you how to get started today.  Contact Veeam Sr Channel Account Specialist, Venzel Menezes, by calling 905-755-5000 ext. 55203 or email at venzel.menezes@ingrammicro.com to sign up. 

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